2020 – 2021 Academic Year

Available Grants:

The Advisory Committee on Campus Access’ (ACCA) charge includes providing advice and recommendations to the ADA Compliance Officer regarding funding allocations for remediation and repair projects to improve physical access for persons with disabilities on campus.

This year, ACCA is pleased to announce available funding up to $75,000.00 that may be allocated to one or more physical access-related projects on campus.

Who May Apply?

Department heads with a need for funding connected to a physical-access related project that benefits a person or persons with disabilities are eligible to apply for ACCA grant funding. Continually improving physical access on the UC Santa Barbara Campus is ACCA’s main objective.

How to Apply:

Proposals may by submitted via this form. ACCA will meet to discuss the proposals during winter quarter and the voting members of the ACCA will vote to allocate the available funds to one or more proposals during their spring 2021 meeting.

Application Deadline:

Applications are due no later than 5:00pm, Tuesday, March 23, 2021. Late proposals will not be considered.

What Kinds of Projects has ACCA Funded in the Past?

Sidewalk and bike path repairs to enhance safety for those with low vision, including replacing or adding tactile domes, reconfiguring bike and walking paths, and repairing uneven paths of travel;

New Assistive Listening Devices in General Assignment Classrooms;

Accessible bathroom facilities;

Power assist door installations;

Recreation Center pool lifts;

Hearing loops in various classroom and lecture settings;

ADA compliance upgrade costs related to campus construction;

Creation of accessible entry routes;

Continuing education opportunities for staff working on access-related issues;

And many more!

Where can I report disability-access related barriers or issues?

If you are aware of a disability-related access barrier or issue on campus, please email policy@ucsb.edu.

What if I am Aware of an Access Issue that is not Disability-Related?

If you are aware of other access issues on campus that are not related to disability, please email policy@ucsb.edu for more information on who best to contact with your concerns.

Other Questions?

Please contact policy@ucsb.edu with any other questions. Thank you!